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How it all got started! 

Marty Jenkins and his good friend Robby Davis heard about this thing called grabblin' just after they graduated from high school in 1982.   They decided they would give it a try.  They grabbled catfish on the rocks for about 10 years.  Then these two young boys came by one day with some large catfish that they had grabbled on boat ramps.  Thats when they discovered how lucrative old boat ramps were.   Catfish love old boat ramps that are hollowed out underneath and often have sandy bottoms.  They started videoing the excursions just for fun.   Before you know it they had accumulated over 8 years of grabblin' footage.  Marty found that every year he was making more & more copies of the exciting grabblin' tapes.  Thats when he decided to produce the first video tape!

My name is Fostana Jenkins and I started grabblin' with Marty not long after we met.  You usually start just being the back up person, guarding the hole to make sure that the catfish doesn't escape, and helping get the catfish to the bank (or the person who grabbled the catfish if they happen to need help because their legs wrapped around the catfish).  Catfish can do a wonderful crocidile type roll that can make it difficult for even the strongest person to hold the fish.  The solution is to wrap your legs around the catfish, stopping the roll.... however this makes it a little difficult to keep your head above water.  This is where a buddy comes in handy, they can drag you and the catfish to the bank.  The first catfish I ever grabbled was when I was helping Robby guard a hole and the catfish came out a grabbed my finger and ran back in the hole.  It all happened so fast I didn't even think about holding on to the catfish.   However the fish gave me a second chance and I was able to latch down on its mouth and pull it out of the hole.  It was a 35 pound bluecat.  The feeling of pulling a fish like that out of the murky waters is unexplainable & a huge adrenalin rush.  It is a very exciting experience.  Sometime last year a friend of ours suggested that we make an all womens grabblin' tape.  The more we thought about it, we said why not!  We started asking some of the women we knew, and some we didn't, if they would be interested in going grabblin', and by the time summer rolled around we had more women signed up to go than we had time to take.  Altogether we took 35 women grabblin' this year and had a ton of fun in the process.  As far as we know this will be the first & only Girls Gone Grabblin tape ever produced.  The biggest fish the ladies caught this year was about 44lbs.  You'll be amazed at the ladies that went this year and participated in the great sport of grabblin'.  There are lots of exciting scenes in the video that we made this year including one scene where a tame deer actually came down and licks the catfish when we pull him out of the water.

We have had a lot of people ask us how they can get started grabblin', so we included a segment on this tape called grabblin' 101 to give helpful hints to people that are interested in Grabblin' for Catfish.  We go to the lake in the winter months and show video footage of good catfish holes and different types of manmade setups.  We also show demonstrations on how to pull the catfish from his/her hole and the types of poles that we use when the catfish are too far back in the hole to reach with your hand.

Our new Girls Gone Grabblin' tape also includes lot of hilarious outtakes from this years footage (sometimes the catfish wins the battle).  There is also a great music video featuring a special song performed by Stacy Wilson just for Catfish Grabblers. 

Marty & I have always enjoyed and respected the Great Outdoors.  In addition to Grabblin for Catfish we enjoy Bass fishing (really any kind of fishing), hunting Pheasants in Iowa, Duck hunting in Arkansas, hunting for white tail deer in numerous states, and hunting for Mule Deer and Elk in the Rockies.   We also have 20 horses and mules that we enjoy riding and packing in the Mountains.












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