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 We have had a great time taking all the interesting people Noodling or Grabblin. We had the privilege of taking , Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters, Joella Bates (check out the article she wrote about her noodling experience-Girls Gone Grabblin), Bill Rampley-"The Executioner", Tony Dodson, Chris Higgins with The American Outdoorsman & Gene Price from Trophy Rock, & Georgia Public Television (view entire show on their site).  We also had a great time Visiting with Jamie Johnson & his crew at the US 101 show in Chattanooga



Filming for the Tennessee Wildside Show, even the camera man decides to try his hand at grabblin!  The Tennesse Wildside is produced by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency.


Benny Hull & wife Phyllis filmed the exciting fishing for the day!

Country Music Television

See the Girls on Country Music Television hosted by Bill Engvall


National Show Whacked Out Sports & Girls Gone Grabblin










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