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Newspaper & Magazine articles about Grabblin/Noodling

Here is an article written by Matthew Craggs for the Sacramento News and Review.

Will Brantley on realtreee.com. Noodling: How to Get Bit on Purpose

Joella Bates renound World Champion Archer goes grabblin with Catfish Grabblers. Check out this great article she wrote for Catfish Now Magazine.  Girls Gone Grabblin'

Check out the article in Outdoor Life Magazine written by Doug Howlett Girls Go a Grabblin'

The Topeka Capitol Journal-CJ Online features the Article Girls take to grabblin' These 'wild girls' enjoy wrestlin' with big cats

Field & Streams on line magazine provides information about grabblin in Mississippi:  Man vs. Catfish:  Catching flatheads by hand in the mississippi's Yazoo River

Road King magazine & Girls Gone Grabblin Noodles of Fun Sometimes the noodler grabs the catfish and sometimes...By Larry Woody

Read the following article Hold on Tight: Area ladies star in `Girls Gone Grabblin""
from the Maryville, Tn newspaper The Daily Times.

Check out the following articles by Richard Simms: Girls Gone Grabbling, This second article Richard wrote for Tennessee Valley Outdoors about Girls Gone Grabblin'

The following is an article written by Richard Simms on a recent grabbling, noodling adventure with Bobby Wilson TWRA assistant cheif of fisheries. Learning to grabble.

This is a recent article published in The Hartwell Sun about grabbling or noodling:  New fishing method for brave fisherman:  No rod, no reel, no sweat- go grabbling

The Toronto Star in Canada grabbling or noodling article:  Fishing for Catfish without a net:  Extreme sports, Southern Fried;

  This is a great article written by Jenny Poole Havron for Xplor magazine:  "It's off the Hook"


Article in the Atlanta Journal Consitution by Mark Davis that includes Catfish Grabblers & Girls Gone Grabblin

The following article was written by Karen Nazor Hill about the ladies of grabbling They're Hooked on grabbling

This link is to an article written by Bob Hodge at the Knoxville News Sentinel "MUD WRESTLING WITH SOME BIG, MEAN CATS "

Link to National Geographic article about Noodling/grabbling.  Check out the pictures provided by Catfishgrabblers.  "Using Hands As Bait, "Noodlers" Stalk Giant Catfish"

http://www.tnwildside.org/ Check out this site which celebrates the great outdoors.  This site contains a lot of information about outdoor activities such as hunting/shooting, boating/fishing and some wonderful recipes by the wildside gourmet.  Also look for the upcoming show with the "Catfish Grabblers" crew produced by the Tennessee Wildside.

Check out the following link to style.com and the information they have written about why the south is rising again,  including information about the Girls Gone Grabblin DVD Style.com

Here is the link to Pontoon & Deck Boat magazine.  See the article written about Catfish Grabblers in Volume 11, Issue 5.

Information about Missouri's trial Noodling or Grabbling season

Noodlers Anonymous is dedicated to establishing a legal and regulated hand fishing season for catfish in Missouri.  To Conserve and Protect Missouri's catfish population. Check out this article written about the struggle to legalize handfishing in Missouri.  Noodlers Anonymous article

Here is another article about the additional states that are legalizing Noodling/Grabbling. The Outdoor News Hound -- A Noodlin' News Hound

Check out the information on Mark Williams new book Harper-Collins Publishers a fishing dream-book, Where in the World to Fish: The 1001 Best Fishing Places on Earth  http://web.mac.com/markdamonwilliams/iWeb/Site/Welcome.html









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