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Fostana---I received the videos and the DVDs...you had autographed a couple of them for special friends...and I really appreciated that! 
Everyone that has watched them has really enjoyed themselves.  Our VP of Operations said “this is a Christmas present I will never forget.”  We watched the GGG DVD at a bank Christmas party, the bankers were thrilled that I was able to provide quality, family entertainment that they really enjoyed watching.  The attached picture was taken while they were watching GGG. ---It’s pretty cool when you think about it, your idea became a reality and now a group of bankers in Wichita Kansas are having a great time watching you grabblin!  Thanks for providing this quality family entertainment.  We’ll keep checking the website for more!

-Best of luck to you and your staff,Charlie Moon

Check out the following review by Keith Sutton, author of "Out There With Keith Catfish Sutton," "I'm a fanatic about fishing, and the same when it comes to television shows, movies and videos. Combine the two and I'm in hog heaven. Maybe that's why the most entertaining video I've seen this year is without a doubt 'Catfish Grabblers.' I was on the edge of my seat as I watched the adventuresome folks at catfishgrabblers.com reach their hands into dark holes beneath the water in hopes of latching onto a giant whiskerfish. They caught these giants, too, including some cats topping the 50 pounds. I was astounded when even the women and kids got involved. This is one brave bunch of folks. And their video is one every catfishing aficionado ought to own--and everyone else, too. You won't find a more entertaining show anywhere." Don't forget to review some of the interesting articles that Keith has written for ESPN outdoors.


"Catfish Grabblers is a thrilling Rid that won't quit. Super suspensful, this action adventure of catching catfish with your bare hands instantly draws you in and you literally feel part of the action!!"

- Testimonial from Melissa Borter of Davom Products, Inc.

Just a short note.  I just finished watching your latest DVD.  What a GREAT dvd.  I haven't enjoyed a video like this one in a long time.  I really liked how you shared this sprot with your friends and land owners.  This is one GREAT dvd.  Thanks for making this an enjoyable evening for me.  Keep up the good work.  It is always good when you can laugh with someone and not at them. 

Thanks again, Maurice Stiff, Linden, Michigan

"My Seniors watched Marty & Fostana's video one day and found it entertaining. Its also a good example for kids getting ready to choose vocations of how you can take something you enjoy, and with a little entrepreneurial effort, make it something profitable, too!"

- Review by Vicki Vest, Teacher, Central High School

"What good, clean fun! Kids will be amazed with this unique talent and they'll be hooked from the start!"

- Donna Tallent, Elementary Librarian

"Catfish Grabblers is as good as it gets. Although I was asked to critique this film, I also decided to let my seventh graders critique it. At first the students were somewhat hesitant about the subject matter because none of them were familiar with this sport. However, as the film progressed, the students' interests peeked due to such aspects as the attention-grabbling music, the information given, and the entertaining dialogue. They were entertained the entire time and even asked questions after the showing. Their interest and attention should be a true testimony to the success of this film. My favorite part of Catfish Grabblers was the interaction with the children because it makes the film child-friendly. In my opinion, this film is appropriate to show in schools, but don't take my word for it, read the attached critques from my seventh graders." Mrs. Diane Vinson, 7th grade teacher, Mountain View School Read some of the following reviews by Mrs. Vinson's 7th graders:

"I liked the first part of the movie.(the cartoons were great.) They're very entertaining. (the stories) (them catching the catfish) It shows when they catch them, and when they don't. An interesting subject! The woman's funny!"

"It looks very fun to do. I really think it would be good for school, and I think that it would be good to watch with your family."

"The movie was funny! I like going fishing but I've never heard of grabbling before. It was very fascinating!"

"I really enjoyed the movie because I thought it was fascinating how they caught the fish with their hands. I thought the movie was really funny in some ways because the little blue fish talked. If I had to vote to put it in the school system, I would vote yes! But, there is one thing I would like to know.... How much do some of the fish weigh?!"

Catfish Grabblers is the most entertaining fishing video I have seen.  My kids love it, and my wife just shakes her head and says you have to be crazy to grabble catfish.  I've been grabbling catfish for the past 20+ years in the creeks around my home.  Until meeting Marty, I had never grabbled cats over 10-12 pounds.  The video shows it all!  When I started all those years ago, I was hooked, or should I say bitten!  To grab ahold of any size cat, especially a big cat really gets the adrenaline flowing.  And just like some of the scenes in the video, when you get an aggressive fish, you' re in his territory, so just grab or be grabbed, and hold on.  My 7 year old has been with me several times, but still hasn't got the nerve up yet, but after watching the video, and seeing the kids grabbling, he's more willing to give it a try.  Grabbling is something many people have never heard of, but anyone that has ever given it a try, knows that this is a great sport!  This video is a great way to introduce the sport to people, and it is a great entertainment.  Thanks Marty.

  -Clark Oakley, Banker 













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