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Girls Gone Grabblin' 2 DVD

Women, Water, and monster catfish. Watch more than 40 women - with over 30 new faces - do battle with these enormous creatures of the deep! See these ladies dive blindly into the dark murky waters and reach back in hidden crevices where one or more catfish lie in wait. Be astonished, as they pull out huge, angry, splashing catfish. Sometimes the ladies win and sometimes the catfish win, but either way it's a spectacular event. Be shocked and amazed as women pull out catfish half their size. View the strength of a 50+ lb. frenzied fish as it throws 3 women around like they were rag dolls. This is a showcase of outdoor activity and fun that the entire family can watch and enjoy. It is a video that you will watch over and over again as you share it with your friends and family. Over 40 scenes, also featuring eerie and suspenseful night scenes.


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