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Girls Gone Grabblin'

Believe it or not!  Catfish Grabblers is now bringing you the first and only Girls Gone Grabblin' video ever produced.  Be one of the first to watch and be amazed as 35 Southern women bring you the thrill of catching catfish weighing up to 44lbs. with their hands and wrestling them to the bank.  This video of catfish grabblin' has more than 30 exciting scenes to keep you, your family and friends amused and entertained for years to come.  Including a special scene where a deer comes down and licks the catfish as we pull him out of the water.  You'll be amazed at the ladies that went this year and participated in the exciting sport of Catfish Grabblin'.


We have also included a new segment on the video this year called Grabblin' 101 for anyone who wants to start grabblin' and needs some tips. We go to the lake in the winter months and show video footage of good catfish holes and different types of manmade setups.  We also show demonstrations on how to pull the catfish from his hole and the types of poles that we use when the catfish are too far back in the hole to reach with your hand.

     Our new Girls Gone Grabblin' tape also includes lot of hilarious outtakes from this years footage,(sometimes the catfish wins the battle).  There is also a great music video featuring a special song performed by Stacy Wilson just for Catfish Grabblers. 

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