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Showtime Eric young and Girls Gone Grabblin

Episode 107

Airs September 2 at 8 PM

Showtime Eric Young participates in the art of noodling, where fishermen catch catfish with their bare hands and feet. Then, fishing expert Dwight Taylor teaches Young how to “jug,” a technique that reels in catfish with empty soda cans.


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The Travel Channel with Catfish Grabblers.   Unsuspecting California couple goes noodling. In each episode of Trip Flip, professional fun-seeker and travel expert Bert Kreischer convinces two random people to spontaneously agree to a 3-day surprise vacation.  Bert brings a unsuspecting couple from California on a grabblin trip!



The crew from CNN went with Catfish Grabblers, check out the article a Fistful of Fish for the fourth.  Also check out the article on eatocracy!

The group from CNN went with Catfish Grabblers hand fishing on the fourth of July.

The Travel Channel and Bert the Conqueror!

The Girls Grabblin with C.Thomas Howell

C. Thomas Howell with Girls Gone Grabblin

Brock Lesnar of the UFC with the ladies of Girls Gone Grabblin!

Brock Lesnar with Girls Gone Grabblin

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Girls Gone Grabblin 2! with special guest stars Phil Keoghan from the Amazing Race, Jackie Bushman of Buckmasters  & Joella Bates, World Champion Archer.





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and Phil Keoghan goes grabblin with the Girls Gone Grabblin Crew.


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Joella Bates is a World Champion Archer.  She is also the first woman to take a Cape Buffalo with a bow!




Watch video on  current with Kinga Phillips


See the Girls on Country Music Television hosted by Bill Engvall


Girls Grabbling or Noodling featured on ABC World news tonight!

The winner of the 2005 Bronze Telly Award!!



See the article on our Girls Gone Grabblin DVD in the Dec/Jan issue of:





Girls Gone Grabblin

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View video clip --see great action of the girls grabbling, noodling!


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